Monday, June 29, 2009

A Quick Visit to Grandma's

We went to St. Mary's this past weekend, and saw Grandma, and Aunt Pam, and Uncle Bob, and Cousin Steve. We missed out on Uncle Tommy and Aunt Anna, but we just missed them.

We also visited some friends, and had some great weather for traveling.

Here's a pic of the little guy on the bed at the hotel. He's such a little poser!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family Day at the Erie Zoo

After a nice Sunday visit to the Erie Zoo, we ended the visit with a train ride around the park.

Piano Time

Amber loves to find deals. And where do you find the greatest deals, you ask? Garage Sales of course!

This thing was picked up for a mere $2. Sure it is missing a couple of wheels, but Alex doesn't care. This thing has lights, music and moving parts. How much cooler can it get?

Dad, this Bike is Too Big For Me...

But he sure is darn cute standing on the seat of it, with Mommy holding him in the background.